february carries on; the city is finally healing from the christmas eve attack in the park, with the mayor in a new meatsuit and prepared to lead on. but something dark is stirring in the cold... whether it is revenge, or justice, no one can say, but something big is coming.


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the vitals

your first stop. this forum contains the rules, the plot, information on the city, and on the groups. definitely take a look before applying.
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the registry

we use a shipplication at danger -- that is, a shipper/application hybrid. you'll find the code in here, as well as an example of how to fill it out. you may post an in-progress shipplication, but it must be completed forty-eight hours after posting.
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the census

all accepted shipplications can be found here. please note that you always reply in the other person's shipplication, not your own.
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the listings

looking for claims? you're in the right place. a few necessities can be found in here. face claims, job claims, member directory, etc. you know the drill.
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the personals

we have one singular thread for wanted ads. if you have a wanted, whether it's a character, plot, or otherwise, post it as a reply to the thread. this is also where you will find all development.
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a lot of our members are from outside of canada, so may have questions on how things are done. also inside are resources on writing crime, criminals, assassins, et cetera.
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the socialite

from instagram to tumblr, all of your social media needs are housed within. get as personal as you want -- or don't.
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the chatter

honestly, what would we do without phones? whether you want to talk, text, or instant message, the sky's the limit.
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the residences

home is where your rump rests. from high-rise apartments to suburbs, duplexes to waterfront mansions, what happens in the home is always important. while many residences can be played in the main forum, there are also four sub-areas with specific neighbourhoods to inspire some history and ideas.
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the businesses

money makes the world go round. shelborough has your typical businesses, but is still small enough - and old enough - to have family-run operations that have been going on for generations. though with certain families, that isn't always a good thing.
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the services

every city has basic services. whether you're in need, or if you're employed, or just paying a visit because reasons, you'll find shelborough's best and finest within - though that may not always be saying much.
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the streets

not everything happens in private. sometimes things happen right in broad daylight, old-west style. when that happens, take it to the streets, but beware: you never know who - or what - is lurking in the shadows.
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the outskirts

sometimes you gotta slip out of the city for a bit to get away from the chaos, but a vacation isn't always possible. at least nova scotia has some scenic drives and beaches and forests to offer.
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the world

and then there are some of us who are big travelers. with the US only a bay away and the rest of the world just a plane ride, why wouldn't you stretch your legs and see what she has to offer?
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the blue door

remember video rental stores back in the old days? almost every one had a door, often blue, leading to the "adult entertainment" section. well, this is danger's blue door. this forum houses all mature content, regardless of location, time, etc. you, as a member, must be 18+ to access this forum. there is an age verification, and we are relying on the honour system here - but if we know you're under eighteen and you post here, you will be banned from danger permanently.
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the other side

this is where you can get really creative, playing your characters in the past or in the future or even in an alternate universe.
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the archives

consider this a graveyard, aka where you go to cry about your characters and all the shenanigans they have gotten into. all of the archives will go here.
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the people

this is a completely out of character board where we can post absences, ask questions about the site, and talk about whatever.
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the distractions

shall we play a game? games get their own category because, well, they're just that important to us.
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the billboards

advertisements! feel free to disregard this section, unless you're trying to advertise your site. in which case - welcome!
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